A mutant of Omaha, and an adult child of Catholic Republicans, Jim Crotty is one of the most innovative talents Nebraska has ever produced (or at least he thinks so). For twelve years Jim traveled America in his wildly painted Monkmobile, publishing Monk, the world's only mobile magazine. Along the way he pioneered "dashboard publishing" and revolutionized the "perzine," or "personal zine," where the editors are the prime subjects (otherwise known as narcissism).

Jim has also written several books for major publishing houses. He is the author of "How to Talk American" (Houghton Mifflin), co-author of "The Mad Monks' Guide to New York City" (IDG/Macmillan), "The Mad Monks' Guide to California" (IDG/Macmillan), "The Mad Monks' Guide to New York CD-ROM" (Voyager/Monk Media), "The USA Phrasebook" (Lonely Planet), "Mad Monks On the Road," (Simon and Schuster), and is co-founder and editor of the award-winning travel and culture website,

For nearly two years in the late 90's Jim was the travel correspondent for And, yes, he went to "the mansion," met "Hef," and bonded with "the bunnies."

Jim is currently the executive editor of Monk Media, providers of code and content to businesses and consumers worldwide. Clients include American Express, Delta Airlines, Land's End, and Tiger Woods. Jim is also a syndicated columnist, whose savvy cultural commentary appears in newspapers, magazines and on websites around the country.

This peripatetic publisher has been prominently featured in most national and international media, including Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Wired News, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Der Stern (Germany), Brutus (Japan), and Panorama (Italy), and has appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America," MTV News, CBS News, the BBC, CNN, CBS "Street Stories," NPR's "Morning Edition" and "Whadya' Know?"

Jim is available for any and all writing, editing, public relations, and hosting assignments, whether part-time or full-time, freelance or on-staff, anywhere in the world.


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